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Nina's Best Self

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All About Nina!!

Watch the trailer to meet Nina and her special friend, Zia!

Nina's Best Self Book Trailer
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"I just finished reading this book, and I couldn't wait to share it with my daughter who is aspiring to be a cheerleader. This book reflected her and her own struggle to be comfortable in her skin and knowing that she can attain her goals even though others may look different from her. It was refreshing to see three Black girls on the cover who were confident in their own skin. I especially liked the inclusion of an imaginary friend who supported positive self talk. How children speak to themselves about themselves is so important, and this book illustrates that. The illustrations were fabulous and made the story come alive. I highly recommend this book!"

-R.D., School Administrator and Parent

"My daughter and I love this book. It is so relatable and touches on real issues that any child could identify with."

-J.M., Licensed Therapist and Parent

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